African Folktales: Why The Praying Mantis Shakes And Feels Unconscious

African Belief On Praying Mantis: Why Praying Mantis Still Shakes

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Today, we are going to experiment on one of the most fascinating "African Folktales", titled "Why Praying Mantis Still Shakes." I will advice you to be calm and enjoy this powerful mythology of Africa.
But, before we start, let me briefly define what Praying Mantis really looks like.

According to a respected science website, "The praying mantis is named for its prominent front legs, which are bent and held together at an angle that suggests the position of prayer. The larger group of these insects is more properly called the praying mantids. Mantis refers to the genus mantis, to which only some praying mantids belong."
If the definition above is not clear to you, I believe you will surely understand what Praying Mantis really mean by its pictures in this article.
Now, let start.

Story: Why Praying Mantis Still Shakes

Long time ago, Oyankopon (a god) had a large farm full of yams. Everybody talked about the farm in all the lands in the world. It was the most beautiful and largest of all the farm in the world as at that time and everybody admire it.

As harvest time was approaching, Oyankopon announced to the inhabitants of the world the day the harvest would take place. Upon hearing this, men and women from all the cardinals of the world were full of joy. A single day did not pass without mentioning and admiring the beautiful and largeness of the farm.
However, there wad somebody who was jealous of Oyankopon and who wanted to spoil his fortune. He was no other than "Anansi", the spider. He was so jealous that he decided to steal the yams.
Every Evening, Anansi went to uproot a large quantity of yams and send them to his own farm. Nobody detected his felonious act. His wife and children, even, Oyankopon did not know. Days passed. The night, weeks and months passed, the harvesting time is fast approaching. People are preparing for the great feasts of harvest underway.
One day, Oyankopon decided to go and visit the farm for the last time before the great harvest. To his surprise, he saw that nearly all the yams have been uprooted. Oyankopon ordered his men to search for the thief. "Bring the thief died or alive", he commanded, two weeks followed, months passed, the thief was not identified and the yam continued to disappear.
Finally, Oyankopon decided to lay traps on the farm. Old Anansi knew nothing about the traps untill he was caught by one of the traps one evening.

Anansi became sad. He knew that people were going to find him trapped on the farm and will be tag with bad names like "thief" before the daybreak. The day began to be clearer and Anansi lost all hope. His life was miserable and his eyes were full of tears.
Suddenly, he saw a person coming right before him. Who could this be? He wiped off his tears to see the person properly. Who did he see? A friend, the Praying Mantis. Anansi signalled to him.
When the praying mantis was within earshot, Anansi shouted, "Oh, is it you who is coming to replace me?"

"To replace you? How?" demanded the praying mantis in astonishment.

So, you are not the one? But when is my replacement coming? My God, why do they left me here to suffer like this? Said Anansi

The Praying Mantis asked, "What is this all about?"

"What? Are you telling me you don't know we were keeping watch for Oyankopon? Are you not aware of the thief stealing his yams ? It has been three days now since I have been keeping watch for his dangerous thief, " Anansi said in response to Praying Mantis question.

"Oh, good, I don't know anything about this," said the Praying mantis.
"It doesn't matter, my dear friend. Come here, please come and help me. I'm very hungry and thirsty, three days without food," Anansi said.
"What could I do for you, Anansi? You must be suffering a lot. What do you need? Replied the praying mantis.
"I will be very grateful If you can help in replacing me while I quickly go down to the village and find something to eat," said Anansi.
The Praying Mantis replied, "I will fo that for you, but please, don't keep long."
"Count on me, come and put your leg here," said the cunning Anansi.
"What, is this not a trap? It looks like a trap," the praying mantis questioned.

Anansi answered, "A trap? What an idea. You don't trust me or are you taking me to be fool?
The praying mantis finally allowed himself to be duped and ruined. He helped Anansi to remove his leg from the trap putting his own legs in its place. What an unexpected chance for Anansi. As soon as Anansi was freed, he ran quickly towards the village shouting at the  top of his voice, "I have seen him, I have seen him. I've seen the thief who has been stealing the yams of Oyankopon. I've seen him at last. He is there at Oyankopon's farm , trapped."
Immediately, a large crowd soon gathered. There were curses and threats everywhere. Everyone wanted to vent his anger on the one who had caused much suspicion among them. In no time at all, the villagers were on the farm in front of them was Anansi who led the way to the praying mantis.
"There he is, the thief," he said pointing at the praying mantis. The praying mantis had wanted to escape but was in vain. The villagers rushed on him beating him brutally until he became unconscious.
When they thought that he was dead, they left him on the farm. But the praying mantis did not die. He regained consciousness. But, when he got up his own body was Shaking and he couldn't see well again.
He felt dizziness and till this day, the praying mantis still feels dizzy whenever he walks.

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