"Apocalypse" - Frank Parkes ( Read African Piem )

African Poem: "APOCALYPSE" - Frank Parkes

Good day dear attendant,

I'm glad that you are here again or for the first time to perform another scintillating "experiment" on our dear African Culture.
Today, let quickly perform a quick experiment about a fascinating African Poem by Frank Parkes which he christened "Apocalypse". Let enjoy this sweet poem below:-

Frank Parkes - APOCALYPSE

    In the last days, Strange sights shall visit the earth. Sights that may turn to blood the moon, This sun to midnight - in the last days.

    But now, when swords are not yet   ploughshares, And spears still spears, Hearken you, my little ones.

    If walking, shaded by the mango tree, Or running naked, scorched by this blazing  sun, You aught perceive Now, while the arrow remains arrow, And the miracle of spears and pruning hooks Still remains an unseen miracle Remember, my little ones If perchance your infant feet do slide And you find yourselves in some mysterious dungeon Of black vengeful Sasabonsam, In realms where dogs make speech, And horns adorn the human front; Where mermaids in their skirts of slivery scales And chattering sea beasts flout mankind - If in this strange sub-human realm Your eyes fall on a stone, a hard black stone, Lifeless and muddy, that has grown a beard, Pray children, pass silently by. Ask no questions. For you are face to face with the First days And the beginning and the end are one.

    And in the end shall strange sights visit earth, Stones shall be turned to men And men to stones; Sparrows beget eagles And sand become good grain.

    So children, If perchance you see a hare that roars Or an ape perched in a palanquin, Look on in silence. Quickly pass by. Quickly.

Difficult Words And Meaning: "Apocalypse" - Frank Parkes

Apocalypse revelation - Specifically, it is the name applied to the last book of the bible which describes the signs of the end of the world.
Ploughshares - A hoe-like sheet of metal attached to the plough for tilling farming ground.
aught - anything.
Pruning Hooks - An instrument with a hooked blade for cutting off branches of trees or shrubs.
Perchance - Perhaps or By accident.
Vengeful - Always angry and given to revenge
Sasabonsam - A hairy monster that lives in the forest and is hostile to men.
Sub-human - below human level, beastly.
Palanquin - A covered conveyance in which important people used to be carried in the shoulders of servants or slaves.

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