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African POEM: "August Break" - Okogbule Wonodi

Welcome again to AfricanLab,
I am very happy to meet you here again as It has been a while I update this blog with fascinating African imbibed articles you love to read; am sorry, it was due to some project I was trying to implement better but now, am back for real!

So, today is a great day... We are now in the month of August and most of kids attending elementary and high schools, are at home enjoying their summer holiday and likewise, most workers are also at home (this month of August) enjoying their summer Break

As you know that this blog is specially designed for Promoting African cultures and lifestyles through stories, poems and other exciting articles related to Africa, we are quickly going to start this month by experimenting on a lovely poem authored by Okogbule Wonodi which he titled August Break.

Before going on with the experiment, let me introduce to you, Okogbule Wonodi who is leading us through in this lab.

About Okogbule Wonodi - An African Poem and Leader

Okogbule Wonodi was born in the year 1936 at Diobu near port Harcourt, Eastern Nigeria. He raised himself to qualify for University Admission through Private studies, he graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Nigeria as at June 1965 with a degree of honour in English and Literature.
He is keenly interested in folklore and amuses himself with singing and playing folk-songs. His poem have been published in various journals and in his collection called "Icheke".

That's just brief introduction about Okogbule Wonodi. Now, Let proceed with the experiment;

Okogbule Wonodi - August Break

After three months of Long Rains
The land is sodden hed
Of dried pond. The tarred roads shine
Fine threads of steams to the air.

The playgrounds jump and chatter
With the presence of children
In games abandoned yesterday
When the sky was falling tears.

The streets bustle with vendors,
Calling their wares by sweet names;
And the radio shops yell out
The rival sounds of Highlife.

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