Africa Tourism: Mystical Stone Images At Esie - Historians And Archaeologists' Views

HuhMystical Stone Images in Esie
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Stone Images At Esie in Kwara State, Nigeria - Historians And Archeologists' Views

Today on AfricanLab, am going to make a detailed and lucid experiment on a very attracting treasure and images in Nigeria.

I will advice you to follow me in this laboratory so that, you will not miss any of my observation or hypothesis and, mind you, their is nothing tedious about this. All you have to do Is your deep concentration.

Now let start!
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About Esie Town

Esie is located in Kwara State, Nigeria in West Africa.
Nigeria is a beautiful country with good, great people and interesting landmarks.
There are many languages and cultures in Nigeria. The "Yoruba" culture is an example of Unity in Diversity.

There are many important and attractive places in Nigeria which made tourism a very important venture. For instance, the Yankari Game Reserve is an attraction.
The walled city of Kano and the Emir's palace, the Ikogosi Warm Spring, the nation's capital city, Abuja, etc are all interesting places to visit in Nigeria.

One of the beautiful landmark in Nigeria is at Esie

Esie is a town in irepodun Local Government area of Kwara state. This town is situated on a hill, some 53Km south-east of ilorin, Kwara State. Esie is a town that has the wonder of nature. It is a town where stone images of people remain a mystery up till today.

The Mystical existence of the images and annual hunting expeditions in the town made the colonial government to establish the first national museum in Nigeria in Esie town in 1945.

The presence of the stone images remained one of the wonderful material culture in Africa.

In the past, the images were worshipped because their presence was unexplainable. But, with the advent of Christianity and Islamic religions, the worship of the stone image has been stopped.

Historians And Archaeologists' Views On Mystical Stone Images in Esie, Kwara State in Nigeria.

There are different stories about how the stone images got to Esie.
History has made it that about 231 years ago, a hunter named Baragbon in Esie, Kwara State discovered over 1,500 stone images under a palm tree in the groove.
In 1775, when Baragbon discovered the stone images during his hunting expedition, the images which were over 1,500 were in semi-circular form under a palm tree with a king image in their midst.
It looked as if the King was giving instructions to its subjects. Baragbon then ran to call the Elesie of Esie (The king of Esie as at that time), the King was also frightened at the discovery of the images. The king consulted an Ifa Priest ( "Ifa" literally mean "The Oracle" ).
The Ifa priest said the images were human beings who had annoyed the gods and as a punishment, the gods had turned them into stones, the Elesie, out of fear that his subjects could be turned into stones, commanded that the images be worshipped.

These images were worshipped until another Elesie of Esie, His Royal Highness, Yakubu Babalola, the Egunjobi II ordered that they should not be worshipped any longer!

The Esie community does not believe that human beings carved the stone images. They argue that, "If they were carved by human beings, why is it that the broken parts of some of them could not be put together by human beings?" They believe it is the act of God.
The archaeologists, however believe that somebody carved the images.
    •1st, The outer parts of the images are smaller than the inner parts. •2nd, They found out that the carvers' knives' finishing points are conspicuous in the hidden parts and that only the outer parts are polished. •3rd, The stones appeared three times smaller than normal human size. •4th, They also noted that the time of discovery which was 1775 was the "Stone Age".

Some of the studies made revealed the the carvers could have been from Ebira or Nupe tribes because of marks on the faces of the stone images.

The Museum that has been created at the site has been attracting attention from all over the world! It is a remarkable tourist center in Esie, Kwara State, Nigeria and the whole of Africa!
see more photos of the mystical Stone Images in Esie after the cut:

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